Backlog: 9/30-10/4

The final week of focusing on my hang clean. Also, the first time I lifted 4 times in a week since . . . a long time ago. You’ll see my frustration begin to surface when you look at my varied exercise selection and repetition schemes. I thought it would be a good idea to mix things up (a.k.a., training ADD). This was also the week that the “Barracks Plague” started to take control of my immune system, slowly breaking me down to the point of intolerable anguish, forcing me to admit defeat and go to the clinic to get put on antibiotics. The antibiotics coincided with my pre-planned de-load week (10/7-10/11), so that was fortunate for me.

Monday 9/30

Push-Press   3×3   225lbs     *wrote the word “solid” in my notes. must have felt like a good few sets.

Bench Press  1×4, 2×3, 1×6     275, 275, 225     *needed a spotter.

Pendlay Row   5×5   5×5


DB Bench Press w/ 1-Arm Row     1×10   105lbs


DB Laterals     1×10 (4:0:6)   25lbs 


Cable Tricep Extensions & Bicep Curls   1×10   117lbs, 97lbs


Tuesday 10/1

Hang Clean   3×2&2(cluster)   205lbs

Front Squat   3×3&3(cluster)   225lbs

Deadlift   3×3&3(cluster)   315lbs

Snatch-Grip Power Shrugs(straps)   3×3   205lbs

Pull-ups w/ GHR   3×10


Wednesday 10/2

Hang Clean & 3 push-presses   5×1   70kg

Hang Clean & Jerk   5×1   92kg

Hang High-Pull(straps)   3×3   100kg

Hang Power Shrugs   3×3   115kg

OH Press w/ 1-Arm DB Row   2×5 @ 135lbs   & 2×10 @ 105lbs


Friday 10/4

Hang Clean   95lbsx3, 155lbsx3, 205lbsx1, 240lbsx1, 270lbsx0, 280lbsx0     *caught but not finished

Hang Power Shrugs(straps)   3×3   325lbs

Deadlift (hook grip)   5×1   410lbs

Pull-ups   3×17,8,6



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