Backlog: 9/24-9/27

Still on my hang clean bender, following the same routine as during the previous 2 weeks. I’d say this is when I was starting to get a bit frustrated with this style of training, as the novelty was starting to wear off. . . plus I started to notice my bench strength was beginning to decline as a consequence of the complete lack of volume (How am I supposed to get swoll when I’m only performing 15-25 reps a week??) . Such is life.


Tuesday 9/24

Hang Clean   5×3   225lbs   *right hamstring started to feel a bit wonky. . .

Back Squat   3×5   250lbs   *I need to start squatting more than once a week.

RDL   5×5   295lbs


Front Squat   3×5   205lbs

w/GHR   3×10

w/TRX Roll-Outs   3×10


Wednesday 9/25

Push-Press   4×1   250lbs   *form breakdown (low-back arch)

Bench Press   5×3   275lbs   *wanted to do 5×5, but as I didn’t have a lifting partner, I didn’t want to get pinned

Pendlay Row   5×5   185lbs


Cable Tricep Extensions & Bicep Curls   1×10,HIT (4:0:6) (110lbs, 90lbs)

w/ DB Laterals   1×10,HIT (4:0:6) (20lbs)


Friday 9/27

Hang Clean   115lbsx3, 155lbsx3, 205lbsx2, 235lbsx1, 265×1, 285×0   *bloody hand (right)

Power Shrugs(straps)   3×3   315lbs

RDL(straps)   3×5   365lbs

Deadlift(hook-grip)   3×1   405lbs   *first time ever w/ conventional & hook grip. painful on thumb, but solid everywhere else

Pull-ups   1xAMRAP   16reps   *time ran out to do 2 more sets




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