Backlog: 9/16-9/20

If I recall correctly, there was no chalk in the gym this week. There are few things that frustrate me more than not having chalk in a weightroom. . . I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are tons of things in the weightroom that frustrate me (see: 95% of the people in the weightroom), but not having chalk is like taking a shower without soap, brushing your teeth without toothpaste, or thinking that single-ply toilet paper is a good idea. Superimpose this on me having the sweatiest palms ever, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Monday 9/16

Push-Press   3×3   225lbs   *was planning on doing 5 sets, but my form was crappy for set #3, so I called it

Bench Press   3×5   255lbs     *I need a lifting partner to make these bench sessions worthwhile

Pendlay Row   5×5   185lbs

DB Bench Press w/ 1-Arm Row   2×10   100lbs


DB Laterals   2×10   30lbs

Cable Tricep Extensions w/ Cable Bicep Curls   2xAMRAP (110lbs; 25&20, 15×2)

Tuesday 9/17

Hang Clean   5×3   215lbs

Back Squat   5×5   225lbs     *high bar, narrow stance

RDL   5×5   275lbs


Front Squat   2×10   175lbs


GHR   2×10


TRX Roll-Outs   2×10


Friday 9/20

Hang Clean   155×3, 205×2, 235×1, 265×1, 285×0, 0     *I’m not saying chalk would have made a difference here, but I know I would have at least had a more effective pull with the weight. I was able to get under on both attempts, but there is no way I performed them safely.

Power Shrugs (straps)   285×3, 305lbsx3x3

Hang Clean & Jerk   2×5   155lbs     *my work capacity is crap.

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