Wednesday, 6/26

Decided it would be a good idea to train legs 3x a week e.g. M/W/F. Probably not the best of ideas, as I can barely walk and it’s only Thursday morning. Such is life!

Jump Rope


Snatch Recoveries     3×3   (45, 45, 65lbs)     *having never done these before, I was rather pleased with my ability to get below the bar. I’m hoping medium/long term, these will help me get good at the actual snatch

Hang Cleans     5×3   (70, 75, 80, 85, 90kg)

Back Squat (Box)     3×5   (185lbs)     *These cause more discomfort in my right knee than anything else. Unfortunately, I may no longer be back squatting until this pain goes away. . .


Wide-Grip Barbell RDL     3×10   (185lbs)


GHR (4×10) w/ KB Swing (4×10) w/ Low Box Jumps (4×3)

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